What is GlobeGuide?

GlobeGuide is the first electronic platform with a European reference aims to help (individuals and companies) in different (business sectors) to provide their products, services and spread internationally, through many innovative features and services, starting with the creation of a Web page for your activity. Whether (individual or company) and whether you are offering (a product or a service) then listing your business in Our Website so it will bring visitors and target customers to your business from all over the world through new and innovative features and services.

Why choose us?

GlobeGuide is the most effective feature that is especially offered to your business, where your business is listed according to your business field and showing your business data and media, including social media channels (Facebook-Instagram…) and this will ensure your business appears to the largest number of customers Interested in your products and services, your business will be easily visible to all potential business partners interested in opening new markets, and communicating with you will be easy.

GlobeGuide woeks to create online commercial trade world based on Equal Opportunities between (Companies & Individuals).

  • All Kinds of SME’s.
  • All Freelancers.
  • All Companies & Corporate sizes.
  • All shops and business owners
Membership on GlobeGuide is an annual membership and requires payment every 365 days to renew your membership.



GlobeGuide membership gives you plenty of features:-

  • If you are (an individual or company) will get a trading account, your business becomes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus ensuring potential visitors and customers locally and internationally for your business.
  • Include the name, data and logo of your company & business in an international business directory to be surrounded by many companies in different fields locally and internationally to complement your business chain professionally and at the highest level.
  • Subscribe to Newsletters (to receive the latest news for different business areas).
  • Communicate easily with your current customers and support new customers instantly by communicating directly with them.
  • You will be able to share your trading account within MyBusiness website on all social media channels to reach the largest number of customers interested in your business.
  • Communicate with all companies listed in MyBusiness directory, thus increasing the size of your business at the local and international level with ease and you are in your place.
  • You will be able to interact within (Money and business forum) and thus increase your skills at the professional and personal level.
  • Take advantage of the world-wide professional marketing and publicity campaigns that MyBusiness is doing to make your business spread locally and internationally, thereby ensuring greater awareness of your brand.
  • You will be able to show and publish your products and services at the local and international level to make it easy to reach the largest number of customers interested in your business and thus increase your sales volume.
  • Use our Online Services (Online Exhibitions – Online Auctions – Online Tenders …).



There are many types of Memberships you can purchase, the difference between those Memberships is how many businesses you can submit and the number of pictures and categories can use for each type of business.

please choose your country and press on the button (Add Business) located in the top corner of the website, than choose the Membership type you like

    • Go to your country website (ex: www.guidedz.com)
    • Press on the button (Add Business) located in the top corner
    • Choose the type of your business
    • Create an account, or login to your account if you have one
    • Select the package suitable for you
    • Enter your business information (business name, logo,email and phone, address…)
    • Preview your business page and go to checkout
    • The admin will approve when he confirm the payment, and your business information

You will receive an email confirming you that your Business is live.

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